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MagicSoft CG

( Software untuk menampilkan text secara live atau realtime ).

Bisa lihat di www.magicsoft.tv

Broadcast quality

MagicSoft CG has a GPU-based rendering engine that supports all SD and HD modes. The graphics are 24 bit (TrueColor) with 8 bit alpha channel (256 transparency levels). De-interlacing and anti-flicker display options guarantee the proper output of images and live video. 
The engine offers Antialiasing for TrueType and OpenType fonts and Anisotropic filtering for images by using the GPU.

3D working environment (no layers)

The objects can be animated by moving, rotating and changing color and transparency and can be dynamically moved on the z-axis eliminating the limitations of the layer oriented programs. Rendering for both Preview and On Air is done in the GPU, so a powerful CPU is not required. A key-frame concept is used to describe the characteristics in time of an object and can be used to interpolate previous-mentioned characteristics in the time intervals between key-frames.

Scripting and Automation

MagicSoft CG supports scripting which can make it possible to run application like SMS to TV. The TCP/IP protocol allows you to control the displaying and content of a project.

The CG can be used as a solution for news allowing simultaneous management of Live input, Lower Thirds and Tickers.
The Roll project can be easily previewed during editing of multiple rows. The content can be changed dynamically.
The TCP/IP protocol can be used for controlling the CG from another application. For example a specialised application for soccer.
The Lower Third project it is very flexible and it can be easily used for managing the promo or self-promo events.
Televoting and interactive games can be implemented by using scripting, TCP/IP control or both of them.
The Script project can be combined with animated smileys for producing hourly weather presentations.


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